Thursday, 5/25, 10pm:  Rockwood Music Hall, Stage One.  196 Allen St, NYC.

Friday, 3/17: 7pm: MM new project "True: Part One: Acoustic."  this will be original music in a new format for me featuring myself and Nate Radley on acoustic guitars, and John Ellis on saxophone.

Saturday, 2/25: 10pm-1am: Epic Poets, O'Neill's, Norwalk, CT.

Friday, 2/10: 8pm: Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1, NYC.  Dylan Connor's Spirit Glue Manhattan record release show.

Saturday, 2/4: 8pm: Fairfield Theater Co., Stage One (great venue!), Fairfield, CT.  Dylan Connor's Spirit Glue CT record release show.

Friday, 2/3: 8pm: Pete's Candy Store, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Dylan Connor's Spirit Glue BK record release show.

Saturday, 1/28: 5:30pm  Solo guitar: BSM Guitar Festival, 323 W 108th st, NYC

Saturday, 1/28: 10pm-1am: Epic Poets: O'Neill's, Norwalk, CT.

Thursday nights: my years-long residency at Bernard's is on hold temporarily while I try to figure out my schedule.  I will update later as to when that might resume.




1/9/16, 7pm: Duo Recital with very special guest, Gene Bertoncini.  David Greer Hall, 323 W 108th St, New York NY.  Straight-ahead jazz with one of the masters.  I am so looking forward to this.

New FretArt production for documentary Little Ghandi by Sam Kadi (The Citizen).  Dylan Connor singing and playing acoustic, MM on electric and bass, and all engineering and production work.  Mastering by Fred Kavorkian at Avatar.  Screenings have begun in film festivals in the US and Europe as well as for the US House Of Representatives.

w/ The Epic Poets: 2/6, 3/5, 3/12, 4/30, 5/27:  All dates 1030pm-1:30am.  Feat. Dylan Connor: vocals/ac guitar, Trevor Coen: bass, Joe Izzo: drums, MM: electric guitar.  O'Neill's in SONO.  93 N Main, Norwalk, CT.

FretArt tracking collaboration with Boulder, CO's Coupe Studios recently completed in early March.  Contributions on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar.  Proud to affiliate with this first-rate studio.  See similar session work on studio reel on audio page.

Saturday, 2/27/16, 6pm:  BSM Guitar Festival:  Recital featuring all guitar faculty and select students.  323 W 108th St, New York, NY.

Ongoing for Spring 2016:  MM continues Thursday night solo jazz guitar residency at Bernard's.  20 West Lane, Ridgefield, CT, upstairs in the wine bar.  7-10pm every Thursday.  A beautiful venue with a renowned chef, fireplace, comfy chairs and dim lights--you get the idea.

Also at Bernard's: Saturday, 4/2/16: Duo w/ Dylan Connor.  see above for add'l

Saturday, 11/21/15, 3:30pm: BSM Jazz Fest: Jazz Discovery Demonstration/Class: Demystifying Jazz Improvisation.  With a lot of musical examples, we will explore how students gaining advanced technical expertise on their instrument can begin improvising in jazz and blues.  Faculty Concert to follow at 4:30p.

Tuesday, 10/20, 7p, one set.  w/ Kevin Farrell Trio.  323 West 108th Street, New York, NY.  Free admission.  Kevin is a great player and writer. 

Saturday, 9/19, 5-7:  Pudd'nhead Prize Gala w/ Ben Stiller.  Mark Twain Library Gardens.  Jazz duo with Henry Lugo, bass.